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Awnings For Homes

Benefits Of Awnings For Homes

Awnings are commonly found on a variety of commercial premises such as shop fronts, restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Thanks to the quality of certain Awning products, the benefits of owning an Awning for your home can be significant.

If you have a window that faces the sun, on a hot summers day, the room can quickly heat up and become uncomfortable. Furnishings and carpets can become faded and damaged. People will often tend to close curtains of blinds in an attempt to stop this happening.

An alternative to doing this is to have an Awning installed. If you are looking just for room shade then a Window Canopy is an ideal choice. These drop arm Awnings block the sun without blocking the view or natural light getting in the room. The fabrics are designed to allow light through whilst blocking virtually all UV rays that cause sun damage.

Another popular choice is to use a Patio Awning. Patio Awnings can achieve room shade just as the Window Awnings do, however, as well as room shade, the Patio Awning allows you to sit outdoors under shelter, keeping cool and protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Awnings are fully retractable so, when you do not need them, they sit back into a neat cassette that is designed to blend with your property.

Thanks to advancements in technology, our Awnings are able to be automated, so they can extend automatically when the sun reaches your desired threshold, and will retract if the sun goes in or the wind gets too strong. This can be great for keeping your home cool and your furnishings protected even when you are not there.

Choosing an Awning for Home

There are many options to consider when choosing an Awning for your home. Firstly you should decide whether you are looking for just room shade or whether you also want to enjoy a shaded area outdoors as well.

Next you would choose which fabric you would most like. We use a top quality Sunsilk fabric which are self cleaning, UV protective and has a huge selection of vibrant colours and patterns to choose from.

All of our Awnings have a range of frame colours to choose from. As each Awning is custom made, we are also able to coat the frame in any RAL colour should you require.

Once you have chosen from a variety of optional extras, all you need to do is sit back and let us do all the work for you!

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