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Awning Automation

Remote Controls

As standard, with all electric Sun Awnings, you will be provided with a very simple remote control. This remote control can be fixed to the wall or can be totally transportable.

The remote control is very easy to use, it has an in, out and stop button allowing you to extend or retract the Awning fully or part way.

A slightly different remote control is provided if you opt for the Sun and Wind Sensor which includes one other button to allow you to enable or disable the automatic functionality.

Patio Handset

The Patio Handset is very similar to the standard remote control. The difference with this model is that it is splash proof and shock resitant making it ideal to keep outdoor.

Wind Sensor

The Wind Sensor will automatically retract your Awning should the wind pick up. The sensor is fully adjustable so that you can ensure your Awning is protected without the need for you to monitor conditions.

Sun & Wind Sensor

The Sun & Wind Senor will keep your Awning protected from the wind. Using the remote control provided you can flick between automatic and manual operation. In the automatic mode the Awning will extend when the light levels hit your desired threshold (adjustable on the sensor) the Awning will extend. It will also retract when the light levels fall below the set threshold.

This is the ideal choice if you are trying to keep your home cool and protected as you are unable to leave the Awning to operate itself.

Timer Switches

If you want your Awning to extend the same time every day then you can use a timer switch. It is advisable to combine this with a wind sensor to ensure that you Awning does not try and extend in strong winds.

Patio Heating & Lighting

Patio Heaters

Enjoy your Awning long into the summer evenings with our range of Patio Heaters. Powered from a standard plug socket these heaters are extremely efficient in outdoor heating both in terms of how they heat and how little they cost to run.

A standard heater will heat an area of 3 x 3m and thanks to infra red technology, they do not heat the air. This means a gust of wind does not blow away all the heat as it would with the traditional gas heaters

Generally these heaters cost under 20p per hour to run which makes them a perfect cost effective outdoor heating solution.

Awning Lighting

Create a perfect ambience under your Awning when the sun goes down.

Our Awning light bars can be installed directly under your Awning or onto any wall and are controlled by a remote control.

Heat & Light Bars

If you want heat and light then our heat and light bars provide the best of both worlds. The swivel lights can be moved in any direction and the heater will heat and area 3m x 3m.

Both aspects can be controlled via a remote control.

Additional Awning Shading


the Valance is a popular choice for the Patio Awnings. This is not only for aesthetic purposes but can also help stop sun creeping under the front of the Awning.

The Valance can be manufactured with a scalloped (wavy) or stright edge. Generally the Valance is made to depthof 20cm however, deeper Valances can be made if required.

The Valance does not retract like the rest of the Awning fabric does and is easily removable for storage over teh winter months.

Variable Valance

The Variable Valance is a drop down Valance. It is full retractable and can be dropped down to anything up to 1.7m. It is possible to have this Valance manufactured from the same material as the Awning, or alternatively you can utilise our screen fabric which is designed to cut heat but not light, even allowing your partially see through the fabric.

The Variable Valance system is only available with certain models of our Awning range so be sure to express your interest in this product from the start.

Awning Side Screen

The Awning Side Screen can be the perfect solution for those who suffer from the sun coming in the side or those who are looking to create more privacy in their gardens.

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